Places to Visit
Abbey Garden, Tresco

tresco1Tresco Abbey Gardens date back to 1834 when they were created by Augustus Smith. They are sub-tropical due to their position in the Gulf Stream as well as being sheltered by trees and the south-facing position.

Plants grown here are often natives of Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as many Mediterranean countries.




Part of the gardens (called Valhalla) houses a fascinating display of figure heads from old sailing ships wrecked around the Isles


The Gardens are open all year, (10.00 - 16.00 hrs). There is an entrance fee for admission to the Gardens but children are free.

Bishop Rock Lighthouse
bishop_rock_lighthouseA boat trip to "the Bishop" is always a memorable one: the most southwesterly point in the UK, it is the last piece of landfall when leaving for America (or the first if you are challenging for the Blue Riband in the opposite direction). For those of us old enough to remember, it featured in the BBC "Blue Peter" programme in the days when lighthouse keepers were relieved by "Breeches buoy".
Halangy Down - Ancient Bronze Age Village
iron_age_villageBant's Carn and Halangy Down are part of a number of fascinating archeological sites on Scilly. It recently featured in the BBC "Coast" programme as one of 83 burial chambers on Scilly (an extraordinary number for such a small location). Many artefacts are preserved in the local museum.